Brent Chabassol

Your Coach

A goal without a plan is nothing but a dream.

In 2018, during a successful powerlifting season, I began my coaching journey by helping local athletes improve their nutrition and strength training techniques to enhance their performance. Witnessing the significant impact I had on my clients affirmed that coaching was my true calling.

Since then, I have devoted over 2,000 hours to research, acquiring certifications like CanFit PTS, and education at J3u university.

Becoming the founder of ChabFit, I am dedicated to bringing a higher standard of health and fitness to the public.

At ChabFit, we believe in unlocking untapped potential through structured plans and unwavering support. With our expertise, tools, and accountability, we are committed to helping you reach your true potential.

My Story

My journey began at the age of 12, like many others, I started training with the aim of losing body fat and improving my appearance. It was at this young age that I realized I was severely overweight and had been diagnosed with fatty liver disease at around 10 years old. As I grew older, I became more aware of the potential consequences if I didn't prioritize my health.

Once I began training and witnessed actual results, I immediately developed a deep passion for it. After three years of focusing on improving my health, I ventured into the world of powerlifting, marking my first competitive endeavor outside of team sports. Throughout my powerlifting career, which I self-coached, I achieved remarkable success, breaking nine national records and two world records. Seeking new challenges, I then participated in three bodybuilding shows.

Today, my personal fitness goal revolves around achieving optimal health, while maintaining a physique and level of strength that I take pride in.


Our values

Nothing brings me greater joy than witnessing others surpass their own expectations and attain a level of physical and mental fitness they never thought possible.

It is a common tendency to underestimate ourselves until we discover our true potential.

I hold a strong belief in the essentiality of resistance training, proper nutrition, and holistic self-care for living a joyful and fulfilling life.

At ChabFit, we place great importance on effective communication, as we recognize it as the foundation for our clients' remarkable success.